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Daily Music Motivation

Words to Encourage, Uplift and I​nspire You!

Today's Word


                        (And anyone who reads this content):

Be INTENTIONAL that Every song you play leaves a heart touching impact on at least one listener. Your Music Matters.


Today's Word

Let's ALWAYS keep in our minds how the Power of Music affects our Everyday Lives! Music Heals, Music Saves, 

                                   Music Lives!


Today's Word

A New Month. A New Chance. A New Perspective.

              GET IT RIGHT.  It all depends on You!

                                  GOD'S Waiting. 


                                      (Today's Word)                        


            If you're not doing anything to change, enhance, encourage, uplift and 

                    bless people, then what are you doing besides just playing?

                     Be intentional about what you play, how you play it and,

                              who you're playing to and for!

                                     "It Does Matter"


To all of you young musicians coming up. Note to you: Just because you've been blessed with the gift of playing the instruments you play, does not necessarily mean you are to be a recording musician or a part of the "music industry". And a word from me, don't believe the hype... GOD blesses each of us with ways of reaching and ministering to people. And don​'t think you're less than when you realize, that area is Not your calling. Always, ALWAYS, seek GOD to know how you are to use the musical gift you've been blessed with… Know your place, Work in it, GOD has chosen you. Fulfill HIS purpose that's placed in you!!!


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